A Strange Feminine Problem

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5th Oct 2009

Every female magazine carries a page in which some expert deals with the women’s problems.

A woman wrote:

Dear Janet,
I just got married recently and I am suffering from a strange weird problem. I am utterly frustrated.

The matter is that my husband is always making love to me. He doesn’t stop at all; in bed, on the sofa, on the couch, on the stairs, in the bathroom, in the kitchen when I’m cooking or doing dishes, when I’m watching TV, when I’m using the computer and so on…  he does not stop at all…I’ve gone insane…please help me…

PS: Excuse me for my jerky handwriting

  • raman13


  • choosiest

    Although women love it, but this woman complains…

  • aStorygirl

    Without a doubt, sexual compatibility is one of the most important factors for a happy couple!

  • Murtada

    Too bad it’s not an original joke.
    And it doesn’t have the same effect as the handwritten image here: http://www.charchaa.com/files/locker45/MarriedToASexManiac.gif

  • Usman

    Nice one…

  • Sohail

    Nice one.

  • Ahmer

    Funny. Lolz