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A Tree Falls in a Forest with No One to Hear It [Funny Answers]

Published by mryays in Humor
November 20th, 2010

A tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, does it still make a sound? well, here to help are a bunch of important thinkers and individuals of history who have more insight than most of us on trees. for instance, how can we begin to answer this question without understanding the importance of trees. such people include Nietzsche, Mills, Obama, Ann Rand, Mr. Spock and many more…

1-Barack Obama- “even though the tree fell, and even if no one was there to hear it, America, we will bring that tree back to its proper place!”

2-Nietzsche- “how did it ever happen that we come to value the tree falling and needing a person to hear it?  we must overcome this and simply affirm that the tree has indeed fallen.”

3-Adam Smith “what is more important is the market value of that tree.  if the tree falls and the fact that no one hears it and this causes one less tree in supply, we can expect the price of paper to ultimately rise eventually”

4-albert CAmus- “who cares that trees fall?  it  has no purpose, the person hearing it has no purpose and so there is no point in even asking the question or responding to it.”

5-Bentham- “it is good that the tree fell with no one to hear it.  trees falling usually frighten people which take away from the overall pleasure of people.  in fact, we should make it so that all trees fall so that no one can hear them”

6-John Stewart Mills- “animals ought to have considerations too…if they heard it, then its settled.  who are we to say that only humans can hear things?”

7-George bush -”one person must have heard it, and that would be those trying to destroy America!  we must protect trees on U.S. soil if we are to show them that America is a strong nation.

8-Kant- “if one tree falls so that no one could hear it, then it must be a universal rule that all trees everywhere can fall without anyone to hear it if it is to be called morally correct”

9-Mr Spock- “fascinating.  [Kirk- "what is it Spock?"] This question does seem illogical.  noise is a matter of wave vibrations so whether or not a person was there, the sound waves still dispersed.  though, if we beamed the tree off the ground and then placed it back on the ground it is quite possible that there could be in fact…no sound.”

10-Bible- “and when all saw that the tree had fallen, there was much rejoicing”

11-Ann Rand- “what are we talking about?  if it was in the best interest for the tree to fall when no one heard it, it was the only thing that it should do.  worrying about the environment is a form of altruism, and by worrying about the sound the tree makes we should all worry about what is in our best interest and leave everything else alone.”

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