A Zombie Survival Plan

First of all, you should have a lot of supplies (food, water, ammo, medical goods, etc) that should be able to last you like a year or 2 at least. Next, build a suit similar to Half Life’s HEV suit (it should have heavier armor). Zombies can’t climb, so you can either live in a house on a steep hill, or surround yourself with high fences (Your house should have a fallout shelter as well). To prevent yourself from going insane, it helps if you search for survivors, broadcast your location on a radio, or light a bonfire to let survivors know where you are (Another good method is, if you have one, to send out a robot with a camera, a generator, and a weapon out to search for survivors). Zombies can’t swim, so if you live on an island in the middle of any ocean, or surround your house with a deep moat, you should be safe. Destroying the brain of a zombie kills it, so either aim for the head with a gun, or create a machine that decapitates the zombie, then crushes it’s head. Zombies are pretty dumb-they know that they have to bite someone to infect them, and can tell who they should infect, but that’s all there brain can do. They never think of going around something, so if you let yourself be seen, but can’t be reached, you should be fine, and you can kill them without risking yourself. Also, unless you have automatic, silenced, self-reloading sentry guns with at least 100,000 rounds of ammo for each gun surrounding your campsite, never set up a base outside, unless you surround yourself with a high fence and have the sentry guns. Lastly, if you have any artificial limbs, make those the only things unprotected, as you can’t get infected if zombies bite you there, and you can disinfect it later.

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