Abcs of Easing Boredom

Boredom is inevitable especially for us teens and it becomes worse when you can’t easily think of something to entertain or amuse you. Boredom has also been one of my greatest problems before, but as time passed, I began to cope up with it and even made this ‘excessive free-time’ as an avenue to explore, create or do new things. That’s why I formulated my own ‘Alphabet of easing boredom’. I usually do any of these or a combination of these.
A- Arrange what you want to- your clothes, shoes and other stuffs
B- Beautify yourself. Design your hair, etc.
C- Clean your room. It may seem tiring but you’ll love the results.
D- Draw!
E- Explore! Try some new adventure
F- Freshen up. Appreciate the beauty of nature
G- Go for a shopping or perhaps a window shopping.
H- Hands on to creative and artworks.
I- Internet serves it best function when you are bored.
J- Just switch on the television and watch your favorite show.
K- Knitting creatively or crocheting can be amusing too!
L- Listen to the radio.
M- Memories! Think of those! It’s a good time to do it when you have ample of free time.
N- Never think that you are bored because if you do, you’ll become more bored!
O- Or why not try texting your friends? A group message perhaps.
P- Play your favorite instrument-guitar, piano…
Q- Quartet! If you are four in a room, why not sing together? Or ever try to create a music video! It’s funny, entertaining and strengthens your bond with your roommates.
R- Read.
S- Sleep. For me, it’s the most effective way. You’ll even be entertained by your dreams.
T- Talk with your friends.
U- Use your resources to create new resources if you have that ‘Tinkerbell’ attitude and talent.
V- Vogue! View the new crazes of fashion.
W- Write a diary.
X- Xmas is fast approaching! Why not do some decorating?
Y- Youtube for me is the best site especially when I’m bored.
Z- Zap from one channel to another. You’ll soon find an amusing TV program/show.

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