Accuracy Tests Choosing Life Couple

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23rd Apr 2012

When we are in a serious relationship with a partner, not infrequently we meet with indecision. ”Is it true that this is a perfect match for me?”, This often comes into question.

The duration of life together is not a parameter in the affairs of the accuracy of selection. Couples often do not even know that only in a relatively short time commitment they can be patented.

How to recognize the signs of this accuracy? If you belong to a private partner like this, you may soon led her to the altar.

A. Your spouse can create an atmosphere of humor
One trait that women look for in a figure of a man is his sense of humor. Women are very happy in the company with the funny stories when they are facing serious problems. Precisely this is needed, someone who can accompany sad moments, compared to when these women seem happy with the activities of shopping or hanging out with friends.

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2. Want the same things in life
Usually the men are hard pressed to make a commitment, in contrast to women who are more often asked for a commitment.Even if you have a purpose or goal of life is crossed, a man who loved you well never mind to find a middle way equate to a commitment to life goals together.

3. He liked the look of your plain
This may seem trivial, but the right man was not a worshiper of beauty. They’ll still love you even look without make-up or dressing attractive clothes.

4. Still love your imperfections
Wrong if you think need to be perfect in their eyes. The men think more logically, that nothing in this world can only be close to perfect. Such a man worth having, they will not demand perfection from you, they can receive a package shortages within you.

5. Support what you are doing
Whether it’s for your career that demands a reason to spend time in the office, or when you say goodbye to together with friends.These good men will always give you support, even though they do not agree 100% with the decisions you make. They never impede or stop the way you want, even just offer to pick up if you have to go home late at night.

6. The people around you like it
You are going to live together, but it is important for the people around you can receive him well. Parents, siblings, and friends is more rational in assessing whether they are personal than that sometimes you just think with feelings of love and tolerance.

7. You feel most fortunate every day
What you feel, only you can know for sure. So it is with happiness that surrounded every day by the presence of a partner in life. If He can make you feel happy every day, it would not hurt if you dropped him a choice.