Acid Rain: Top Ten Trippy Images of Psychedelia

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3rd Dec 2012

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1. Strobing Rainbows

If this doesn’t amaze you in itself, look at it tiled as a background. This GIF is quite spectacular. I will soon put up an article full of optical illusions in the form of images, gif’s, and videos.

2. Amphibian Triumvirate 

This image of three frogs a mid a psychedelic swirl of colors is truly stunning.

3. Faces of the Universe

This image by Alexander Gray is a psychedelic adaptation of the classical illusion “Two Faces or a Vase” (shown below).

Alexander Gray is an amazing artist and I will soon put up a special article devoted to him and his works.

4. Matrix into the Abyss

This beautifully colored grid of circles almost seems to pull you into itself. Perfect for a desktop background.

5. Alice in Wonderland

This artist has created a psychedelic image of what may perhaps be the trippiest children’s story of all time, Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland. The rabbit from which is featured in the song at the end of this list.

6. Faded Fractals

This three dimensional fractal is colored in a less saturated way than the other images in this list and so is less visually disruptive to the viewer and easier to examine. One of my favorites on this list.

7. Rainbow Sky


The rainbow stars depicted here would make for a very colorful nighttime sky, or perhaps these are flowers growing in some type of magical garden?

8. Disorientation of the Iris

This colorful image is augmented by the drunken blur it exhibits. Perhaps a genie will soon appear.

9. Ying-Yang Spectrum

This image seems like a time warp composed of Ying-Yang symbols of balance. Don’t fall into the time machine.

10. Eye Sockets

This image reminds me of the two eyes of a fly, staring back at me. Perhaps a fly who has just eaten some type of mushroom. It finishes this list.

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