Addicted to Peeing on a Stick

Addicted to peeing on a stick

You know the case where  you have nothing to do, it’s a week or so till your due period and u have the urge, yea that urge to wee, wee on a stick knowing full well a pregnancy wont show just yet but you just have to do it.
So you go and do your stuff and have the stick in your hand, it says 3 minutes to wait but  you look every 3 seconds for 5 minutes. As soon as the time you decided on is up you get into action.
First you will go to the window and look at every angle spotting that faint line that even a sniffer dog would not pick up you then decide the window is not enough so grabbing a chair its up to the light bulb looking at the front the back, looking at the side and through one eye, looking at this line only you can see, then u climb down from the chair and sit trying to spot the line in normal light, you cant see it as well without light cos it’s a teeny weenie faint line and only light cant help you see it, so the mobile phone light goes behind the stick helping you spot this line that’s not there. Your other half comes home he asks what your doing, ‘oh just a negative test darling ‘ you reply and throw the stick into the bin.
Off he goes into the bath while the voice in your head says ‘heehee that’s what he thinks’ and you pick the test out of the bin and go to the window again to try to find this line you saw but was never there. After about 4 hours of doing this do you finally give in and chuck the test away for good and wonder if you done a wee on a lolly stick would you see a line there too!!


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