Adorable Video’s of Animals! Part 2

This adorable video is of kitties playing with each other. Not much else too it. But it is SO adorable! So if you love kitties, watch it. It’s one minute and twelve seconds long in length. So it’s not too long, but doesn’t matter any way if you love kitties and are on the computer any way. Haha.

This video is about puppies. And lots of them! There’s several puppies that are four weeks young, and they’re very playful! They’re so adorable, too! But, you can kind of hear the lady in the background who I’m taking it owns the puppies. It’s kind of annoying, but that’s okay. You can just mute it if it bothers you too much. The video is kind of long. But not too long. Just longer than the usual videos I post about adorable or funny animals. The video is three minutes and thirty nine seconds in length. So not too bad, just again longer than usual. Here’s the video!

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The following video is super short. It’s not even a minute long. It’s actually thirty seven seconds in length. The video includes a couple puppies that are Rottweilers. They’re so adorable, and according to the title, they’re for sale! So check out this video if you love puppies, or just Rottweilers! So cute!

To find more videos like this, just go to the website known as Youtube. Or go to the website known as Google, and type in whatever you are looking for there. Hope you enjoyed the videos. Leave your thoughts below. :)

Oh and if you missed the first part of adorable video’s of animals, then check it out!


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