Adventures of the Stickmen

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3rd Mar 2009

Ok I have decided to give a very brief explanation of each of these because worryingly there are people out there who just do not understand even the simplest of attempts at humour.

Sorry if you have seen any of these before (well I know that some of you have as you have already told me so!) but hey, i’m sure you will find at least one that may just raise a smile to your lips. Unless you are an actual stickman because then you would have no lips. Come to think of it no eyes to even view it. No fingers to type into a search engine to find it in the first place. No toes to keep the shoes on when walking to the shop to buy a computer.

What do you mean stickmen do not exist? I can see them so they must. Anyway, time to let you get on with viewing the following 12 stickman funny sketches. Enjoy.

1) If some one proclaims to be a genius and shouts out about it at the top of their voice, if they are so full of their own qualities then they can be classed as being big-headed.

2) How on earth a stickman (or stickwoman) would even be able to perform the act that could get one pregnant considering that they do not have the neccessary appendages.

3) Really has to be one of the oldest jokes in the world, of course stickmen are ideal for these kind of jokes as they have no expressions on their faces and no details.

4) A very similar joke to the last one. It is very pointless for a stickman to wear a hat to protect their nose from the sun when they do not have a nose in the first place.

5) Do you not feel a certain amount of apathy for a stickman who is feeling a little blue? No? Me neither.

6) Considering that these two stickmen are actually exactly the same (just reversed) there is some kind of irony in what they both say.

7) I have no idea why the mirror, if that is indeed what it is, has the ability to say it is a mirror.

8) The first time we have seen a face on one of the stickmen.

9) Either he has been working out or perhaps just eating out far too much and needs to go on a diet.

10) The good old wives tale said to stop children pulling bad faces. Tell them that if the wind changes their face will stay like that. Even if it was true, I can’t see why that would affect a stickman who had no face in the first place.

11) Really, the stickman on the left must be really daft to keep coming out with comments like that.

12) Would a stickman really look like that if they stood sideways? I hope so or the joke wouldn’t work.

So there you have it, hope you enjoyed this and hope at least one brought a smile to your face.

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  • Majic

    hahaha! To think I practiced drawing for more than a decade just to make a funny book- and here I am laughing at stick figures!

  • F J McCarthy

    Very Funny, made me laygh.

  • Glynis Smy

    Made me smile :)

  • bob

    not funny, sorry

  • Alina Beck

    Stickmen are the best!

  • Betty Carew

    Very funny Alistair

  • nutuba

    I enjoyed this! Very funny!

  • Sotiris

    Lol, nice one! I like those stickmen cartoons!

  • deedaG50

    Funny. Thanks for reminding me to laugh. I like it.

  • Juancav

    Funny and ingenious.

  • Holly J. Harrington

    Nice job.

  • Bob2

    Bob was right

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  • Joshua Miguel

    this is enjoyable. lol

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    talk to me

  • monica55

    Thata’s very funny. But then you are in the funny joint. LOL:)

  • Brenda Nelson

    “Have you been working out” LOL

  • Mark Gordon Brown

    How do you know the stickmen from the stickwomen?

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  • Darla Smith

    This is really nice. I like it a lot.

  • Olivia Reason

    Really funny. I like the stickman who’s been working out- total stud…

  • postpunkpixie

    Haha those were fun. :)

  • Bob 2

    I miss 4th grade…

    ..was funnier.

  • CutestPrincess

    haha, very funny! that was cool!

  • George W Whitehead

    Very amusing, Alistair.

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    very funny. i enjoyed it.

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    made me chuckle

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    Can u please go to my triond content and comment/click i like it thanks

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    Simply funny

  • Denise Kawaii

    Funny funny! Sometimes it is the smiple things that amuse.

  • Kathryn Perez

    I smiled. It was sweet.

  • writing4angels

    Good one. Good use of pictures, statements- a fantastic creation.


    lol…Great work.

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  • josh killer

    coooool nice one lol

  • Tusaani

    Rofl, I loved this article!

  • Elizabeth Abbott

    So unique all into place and funny!

  • california dreamer

    An enjoyment to look at at read, made me laugh.

  • Juancav

    Funny very funny.

  • John

    … you have a brain tumor? this wasn’t funny at all, I mean maybe if you were four and semi-retarded, but….still…I don’t even know if you would find it funny then. Honestly, why did you make this? Did you do so well in stick figure drawing class when you were a kid that you decided to post really awful jokes above them and call it funny? Your parents must have disowned you by now, right? I mean, geeze, you should get some help, or maybe just destroy your computer because your obviously not contributing anything of value to the community. Get help man, get help.

  • HelloSiti

    You are wrong, John, you need to flip your serious brain to understand those humors!

  • revivor

    too long spent in the Glasgow sun!!
    (from stumble)

  • Eileen

    I think this was gr8. The world out there is 2 serious anyway and a little humour did not harm anyone… John and Bob? Shame! you guys must have such a lonesome life and i truly feel sorry for you if you can not see the humor in this. If you and anyone else don’t like this simply don’t read or look at it but don’t spoil it for the rest of the world just because you are sour. Eileen

  • chris

    Must agree with John, however there is a laugh to be had. By attempting to explain every joke after the fact the author has managed to make the most pathetically weak jokes ever written even less funny and demonstrated a profound ignorance of what funny actually is.
    I find this quite amusing.

  • Marissa


    I liked it!! I mean who wouldn’t? the stick
    men were awesome. I have to agree with
    you Eileen, the world is too serious and
    everyone needs laughter or they will be so
    cracky for the REST of there lives. But over
    all the stick people were great even if some
    people didn’t like it.

  • Sara

    You know, if you really wanna learn how to make a frickin stick figure, you might as well go to