Advice Column for Love

Published by in Humor
13th Oct 2012

Topic: Crush that doesn’t even know you exist. Question: How do I get my crush to notice me?

M: Accidentally bump into your crush in the halls, or wherever you see him/her.Em: If your Face-book friends with them then send him/her a message going a little something like this * Hey (: * It’s cute, a little flirty, and it’s not as if you are sounding to desperate or anything like that. I have experience, and it has worked out alright. (:Topic: Problems with your partner. Question: How can we solve them?M: Talk it out, hear both sides of the story, and compromise on a solution.Em: I think you should either work it out on your own or go to therapy if it’s that bad of a situation. But if not, then I feel like you should sort it out and if your partner doesn’t want to do the same and doesn’t accept your feelings or needs of this relationship, then I’m afraid (in my opinion) that it may be time to move on.Topic: Insecure people trying to date. Question: I want to ask out this other person but I’m too insecure to have the courage, what can I do? M: Be yourself, and stay true to who you are but if this person doesn’t like you for you, then you really don’t deserve a person who doesn’t want to like you for you.Em: I agree with M, if that person doesn’t accept you then it wasn’t meant to be. You should find someone who likes you for just the way you are and they don’t want to change it.