Alert! Lil ‘Kim Nicki Minaj Insults

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20th Feb 2012

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For those who do not remember, Lil ‘Kim is a tiny rapper who became famous in the late90’s. Especially for his role in the hit Lady Marmelade with which even won a Grammyalong with Christina Aguilera and Pink among others.

Although never again enjoy an international reputation in the world of American rap starretains a certain status. It is apparent that during an interview for a TV show asked what he thought about Nicki Minaj and her song Stupid Hoe

“Well, if you have to do a song with that name is because you are stupid w were uan his harsh words.

driver seized the moment and asked what he thought of Nicki Minaj’s performance at the Grammys in general has garnered negative reviews. “I like all,” he replied sarcastically.

After his performance, parody Minaj said the Vatican is part of a movie being assembled. However, still the feeling of the moment in music and words of Lil ‘Kim probably only serve to make his figure grow some more.

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Image via Wikipedia