All I Can Ask for

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25th May 2011

All I Can Ask For

In an empty room, There I am waiting
Tears in my eyes, my mind wondering
Just yesterday, you said “I love you dear”
Yes, I heard it perfectly clear.

Today, my withered soul face life… alone
For you’ve left me,
Leaving my heart empty..
Without a dream to own.

You said, “forever I’ll be true to you”
It was a big lie, now I know
You made promises.. Dropping a coin down a wishing well
Is it genuine and sincere? Not even time could tell.

You took off with my heart
And life inside your hands,
I’m left empty.. With dreams torn apart
Why can’t you understand.

You let me down
When my hopes were high,
I try to smile like a clown
But I always sigh.

Here I am.. left alone
With all this pain and misery,
True love is all I ask for
Why can’t you see.

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You loved me for who I was
Not for who I tried to be,
Loving you, Oh! You sweet young lass
You’ll always be inside of me.

Our relationship, we thought stood the test of time
Oh! why have you push me away,
But like a wind that forever gives life to a chime
My love will never fade away.

  • Ruby Hawk

    Papaleng, I am so sorry for your heartbreak.(or is it only a poem) It is a truly beautiful poem. I hope you are not speaking for yourself.

  • kanivel

    Oh! It makes us feel the pain, as though it happened in reality. Nice style.

  • Dreamy777

    nice poem

  • macherie

    nyeks.. gumana na naman pagiging romantic na paps. Patay tayo diyan kay

  • Christine Ramsay

    That is so sad Papaleng. A beautifully written and moving piece.

  • Lady Sunshine

    I’m sure many people can relate to this.

  • shermaen

    may i ask, sino kaya ang inspiration mo, gaganda kasi ng mga poems mo…=)

  • alvinwriter

    I hope you find the one.

  • pruelpo

    moving, drama and romantic piece. pati images na binanggit mo lalong nagbigay kulay sa tulang ito. I liked the last two lines
    “But like a wind that forever gives life to a chime
    My love will never fade away.” Pangako yan ha…

  • pguims

    Ganda ng poem mo paps, as always.. ganda rin ng photo, pakilala mo naman kami. Hehe… Sa authspot dapat ito…

  • Likha

    Aray ko.. sumasariwa ang sugat. lol. A romantic piece from the classic romantic.

  • fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa

    That is very intense, heartbreaking indeed. To be told one will be true forever, and then they break that promises; it takes a part of your hear away……….forever.

  • Raj the Tora

    very good

  • lian rosa

    Ganda naman nito pero heartbreaking naman.

  • The Quail 1957

    Beautiful poem my friend. I think just about everyone can relate to this poem in so many ways.

  • lapasan

    A sad account, but it is a very good poem.

  • Melody SJAL

    Napakaromantic talaga…

  • Jimmy Shilaho

    Its what hearts are meant to go through in the name of love.

  • SharifaMcFarlane

    Such sadness in this poem Papaleng.

  • LCM Linda

    Really sad, but beautifully written. It is never easy to have your love one stays with you forever.

  • haydenise

    so sad..I could totally relate with this. is she the one on the picture above?

  • Gail Cavanaugh

    It’s good to express your feelings as you did here. Great writing!

  • athena goodlight

    …because the heart is deceitful.. LOL

    Nice poem, papaleng. :)

  • dame016

    A beautiful, sad poem. That’s just unfair. Sino ba yung babae? Bakit kaya sa Purple slinky to na publish.

  • Starpisces

    very well expressed, hope this is not real one, otherwise I will feel sad for you mann..

  • webseowriters

    who is this pretty lady?

  • PR Mace

    Emotional, beautifully sad. Well done.

  • Sharif Ishnin

    Touching and I can feel the pain inside. This should not be in Purpleslinky but then again Authspot is not a better place to either.

  • Saurav Banerjee

    A moving piece! Very well explained.

  • Roe2115

    Beautiful, heartrending poem.


    A piece with sad tone. Well-composed.

  • Ima Vee

    Bravo…! nakakalungkot talaga ang mga story of heartbreaks…
    ba’t kasi kailangan pa na may mga cheating partners…

    P.S. anak niyo po ba iyang sa picture? Ganda… mukhang may
    nasa dugo talaga…hehe

  • Muhammad Fajar Marthias

    Good one, Thanks for Sharing

  • Goodselfme

    Very sad depiction of a torn heart. Your poetry is stunning.

  • mtrguanlao

    Ouch idol! Know how it feels,heartbroken din po ako before,hehe! I wonder why this is in purpleslinsky,hmmmm! Idol,the girl is too young ha,haha! :)

  • Payge

    It does hurt a great deal when a promise is broken and the one who thought loved you walks away as if nothing happened.Been there and truthfuly dont want to do it again in my lifetime.A sad but well written account of a breaking heart and the emotions attached with it.

  • Tulan

    papaleng, I’m so sorry, I hope you will be all right. A sad poem.

  • Cassle Tang

    Wew, is that the picture of a girl you mentioning? Well, don’t be sad, friend, you still so many hopes in front of your eyes. What are you waiting for? Note: Maybe next time you should pick for ‘poem’ section just to make sure you land on Authspot for your poems. Or maybe suggest a relocation?

  • isloooboy

    Very nice

  • Pearl Wilson

    bitter-sweet poem about lost love. well-written!

  • Baijayanti Pradhan

    So sad…

  • Sebastian Onciu

    A poem full of emotion;true love never dies!

  • Phoenix Montoya

    Naks naman kuya. Very nice and really heart breaking.

  • plumaatpapel

    so sad, but I like it

  • shettychamp

    all your articles are very good….
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  • Shavin

    Today, my withered soul face life… alone
    For you’ve left me,
    Leaving my heart empty..
    Without a dream to own

    soooooooooo sad.
    loved the read

  • addjust

    wow naman, ganda ng picture. mas maganda ang poem syempre.