All Natural Weapons: Catapults

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7th Jan 2010


  • 275 pounds of clay
  • 4-4ft. long sticks (length should be about your height-1.5 feet and from 1-2 inches thick)
  • 1-3 foot long stick, 2-3 inches thick
  • 2-.75 feet long sticks, 1-2 inches thick
  • 1-.75 foot long stick, 2-3 inches long
  • 9 feet of cordage (twine or 32 blade grass rope)


  1. Take the 4 feet long poles (sticks) and have them intersect about 6 inches before the end of the poles. (in pairs of 2). They should make 2 75 degree angles and 2 105 degree angles.
  2. Put some clay on the intersections to attach the pairs of sticks together.
  3. Set the 2 pairs onto the ground upright about 1ft. inches apart.
  4. Then put the 1.5 foot long stick onto the upper 75 degree angles of both sticks so that it connects them and there are about .25 feet of stick beyond both sides.
  5. Then mount that stick there using some more clay.
  6. Now take the 3 foot long stick and put about 100 pounds of clay onto one side (shape it into a spherical form with your hands before attaching it) and make a plate like thing on the other side (with a diameter of about  inches, and about 3 inches thick).
  7. Then put a lining of clay around the edges of the plate to make a small dish.
  8. After that take the twine and loop it around the 3 foot long stick on the plate side so that you have about 4.25 inches on each side of the stick.
  9. Then drill a hole into the .75 foot long stick about a centimeter from the end (the hole should have a diameter of .5 centimeters).
  10. Now tie the twine to the 3 foot long stick after looping it around the stick a few more times and then tie it to the .75 foot long stick.
  11. At the other end of the .75ft. stick put about 150 pounds of clay
  12. At the bottom of the 4 foot long sticks make some stabilizers out of clay so that it stand on the ground easily upright.
  13. Then put the other stick with the plate and the 100 pounds of clay onto the stick connecting the 2 intersecting pairs of 4 ft. long poles.
  14. Now you can load the plate and let go of the 100 pound clay ball. This will shoot the ammunition very far!
  15. Now you can blow stuff to smitherenes!!

  • sandie

    what would you want to make a catapult for,other than to chuck stuff at people, thanks for!