Amuse Me, Confuse Me, Make Me Smile: Bumper Sticker Messages

 Rest Stop Ahead: Too Much Information

Here’s some truth in advertising although ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ works better for me.

Patriotic Freedoms of Expression

Freedom of speech and expression indeed! Both of these are oh-so true. We can feel relief now that ‘the old guard’ is out of office and we look ahead to the future. It is time to re-create what made America great.

I had to re-read and think about the second one for awhile and it begins to make sense the longer you think about it. If the freedoms only apply to some of the people, it is not really freedom but privilege.

 It reminds of another tongue-in-cheek bumper stick that I saw that said “In Democracy, Your Vote Counts. In Feudalism, Your Count Votes.”

I love humorous bumper stickers. They can make traveling more enjoyable. It can be fun to read the automobile graffiti and glean some wisdom and humor along the way. One of my favorites was on the bumper of a car whose driver clearly likes Vikings. The bumper sticker read “It takes a Village to Raise a Child, But it Takes a Viking To Raze a Village.” Clever, eh?

Highlander Redux

From the movie “Highlander” and the series, ‘there can be only one’ was the spoken incantation when the victor slays his opponent. But in the lowlands, they are a little more relaxed. More cordial. There can be several.

And the survey Says…

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Not every survey has meaning. Heck, -I have seen surveys that ask if you like taking surveys and surveys on how to improve future surveys. In fact, some telemarketers are getting around the stipulation of the ‘Do Not Call List’ by beginning their unsolicited phone inquiry with a survey. This is apparently exempt from the anti-telemarketer legislation. Imagine that. Poll-takers are not restricted from calling you at home to ask if you want to take a survey about their site/product, and then while you’re on the line they can try to sell something to you.


  • Bumper stickers are always amazing and very amusing.Occasionally they can provoke anger and agression.

  • Top article – I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that made me laugh – Based upon the UK Government’s expences fiasco

    The Government doesn’t like the competition

  • Good article. We have a similar thing going on here as your ’saving the deer’ example. Animal-lovers (who know best) have been capturing perfectly happy urban foxes and releasing them into the countryside. Of course all that happens is that there are huge numbers of foxes put into a small area and all the wildlife gets eaten!

  • Excellent!! well done!..this is really funny piece..I lov it so much..nicely done as always…Thanx for sharing this wonderful work.

  • I grew up on a farm and well, we respected our animals both domestic and feral. And in the right season, some of them adorned our supper table. I have however, seen videos of how cattle are ‘mass processed’ and that makes me ill. I understand PETA’s mantra. However, their recent rage over Obama swatting a fly? -Are they really that morally obtuse? Anyway, yeah, catch & release (foxes, etc.) of ferals in unfamiliar territory upsets the balance. It was a ‘thing’ some years ago when I lived in western NY state that the D.E.C.(Dept. of Envir.Conservation) ‘…in an effort to repatriate the species into their native lands,’ released several mated pair of PYGMY RATTLESNAKES into the woods not far from my hometown!

    Well, several people got bitten. You CAN survive these, but one person did not. He died of a heart attack shortly after he drove himself to the hospital to complain that he stepped out of his truck and stepped on/was bitten by a rattler! The medics at first did not believe him and they may have not taken immediate steps to treat this, then he died of ‘other causes.’

    And more… troublesome black bears from New York City have been secretly taken to western New York State and released into ‘the wilds’ of some rural counties… guess what the bears started to do immediately? Yup, -break into cabins, parked cars and trash bins (just as they had been doing in suburbia NYC) looking for food and having no fear of people, they fearlessly approached the people of these rural towns whom fearing for their safety (wild bears here run from people), shot the bears ‘as protection.’

    People get really dumb when it comes to certain aspects of wildlife management it seems…

  • Just pointing out here, Wing Commander was actually a very well produced game. The ‘All Your Base are Belong to Us’ line is from Zero Wing, a game for the Sega Genesis.

  • (regarding previous comment)
    Ah yes! My opps & apologies. That didn’t sound right when I wrote it and it got past me when checking my sources prior to publication. I shall correct my article, -with thanks & gratitude for pointing out my error. Thanks!


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