An Honest Chat with God

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22nd Jun 2011

An Honest Chat with God

A man talks to God about his life.

Lord, tell me.. Am I a good lover?
Without a doubt my son, I’ve seen how your wife smile
How about being a good father?
Yes my child, each kiss and hug you spare with your children is worthwhile.
If that’s the case my Lord, is there other things I should do?
You mean… tomorrow‘s fields to explore?
Indeed Lord and I’m too excited to know
Cheer up son, you will see barren soil no more. 

Are you implying Lord, I can take a rest
Definitely not my child, I still consider you as my reaper
An ocean of souls is there to harvest
And  I reckon on you, my cheerful worker.
But my Lord, it is an open secret that I’ve lived a life of shame
Look my child, no one is to blame
I’m grateful my Lord, your love eases all my pains,
From now on, I tell others to know your name!

  • Starpisces

    very good poem, excellent. After reading this, I think it’s time for me to practise more on poetry writing as I have not reached to this kind of standard yet but I’m impressed by yours (when I actually thought of stopping totally).

  • LCM Linda

    Wonderful poem. An interesting chat with God. I enjoy reading it very much.

  • reiny

    nice conversation with God.. :)

  • addjust

    I wish I could talk to him.

  • Darlene McFarlane

    This poem is beautiful. A talk with God is always worthwhile.

    I wonder why it’s in Purple Slinky though.

  • plumaatpapel

    very inspiring

  • mtrguanlao

    Love this poem of yours idol,as usual,you’re really great in this! I do believe we can all talk to Him and He really gives us answers :)

  • crisdiwata

    How lovely!!

  • Raj the Tora

    good one. Instead of talking to the imaginary being, it would be great if people converse with their fellow humans and other creatures properly without affecting them.

  • Saurav Banerjee

    Interesting conversation.

  • Marco P

    Talking to HIM can ease our burdens. God bless, kabayan! :)

  • Smriti Jha

    very nice and touching

  • Ruby Hawk

    A very good way to look at life.

  • Eunice Tan

    God give us greatest love.

  • Likha

    I can feel the purity of this conversation. It is only in silent conversation with God that we discern His will for us. So this is the poem that was keeping you up till the wee hours of the morning. :)

  • real lady

    That’s a great chat with God. It’s amazing that God can simply say His plan for us by listening into His still voice in our hearts or through the people and events that come along. God knows us more than we know ourselves so it’s a good move to ask Him who you are. :)

  • TS Orion

    wow! this is a very nice poem. its easy to ready, easy to understand but at the same time it reaches great depths.

  • Tulan

    You’re a good man, papaleng.

  • Judy Sheldon

    Nice chat. I talk to God all day everyday. Where would we be without Him? I do need to practice listening more. :-)

  • kanivel

    What a wonderful poem!

  • Bingskee

    ha ha and all the others shall know his shame and his name. ironic that people think that when they seek forgiveness, they will go unscathed. each wrong doing has its consequence. just my thoughts. :-)

  • Gail Cavanaugh

    Very lovely – the Lord is so gracious and full of compassion.

  • kimberlyds

    wow – great one

  • Ebbin Jose


  • Lovell Abello

    True and inspiring!

  • vijayanths

    Great talk with God, my friend. It really helps in many ways.

  • SharifaMcFarlane


  • Kimian

    wow…i had a nice time reading this article =)

  • lahingpinoy

    inspiring one…

  • beingwell

    Very inspiring. Good job!

  • Mary Patricia Bird

    Don’t understand why this is in Purple Slinky. You can change that, you know.

    Nice right.

  • Mary Patricia Bird

    Ooooh, my bad. Nice WRITE. I was too quick with the enter button. LOL!

  • Melody SJAL

    A very honest chat indeed. I need to listen more to Him and talk to Him more too.

  • Brenda Nelson

    nice poem, thanks for sharing your feelings.

  • fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa

    That was very enlightening. The Lord loves us all, and will always welcome us back. It is truly a great piece you have written.

  • pruelpo

    WoW…love the poem dude. Of course, we have different ways on chatting God – make prayers as our breathe.

  • yellow rose

    good work

  • PR Mace

    Enjoyed your talk with God. We should all have a long talk with him from time to time.