An Old Farmer Who Burried Some Politicians Alive in a Mass Grave


A bus load of Politicians was driving down a road when suddenly it ran off and crushed into an old famer’s garden. The old farmer got off his tractor and went to investigate.He found out without doubt that they were POLITICIANS! Without caring to find out who was dead or who needed emergency attention, he set about digging a mass grave for the fallen politicians. When the grave was ready he embarked on throwing each dead politician into the grave.

Many of them were actually dead, but quite a few were critically injured, the majority of the injured were pleading with the old farmer not to bury them alive because they were not yet dead. The farmer, knowing who politicians were, never listened or trusted their words. He simply thought they were lying because in his part of the world, politics was about telling lies.

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A few days later, the local Police Commander showed up to the old farmer’s garden, which was still evidently an accident scene.   The farmer was in his garden as usual, ploughing the land when the police officer appraoched him and asked where the politicians had gone after the accident.

The farmer looked at the police and simply told him he had burried all of them in a mass grave. He then turned around and pointed at the mass grave he had dug. Shocked at the reality of the farmer’s statement, the commmmander asked,  “Were they all dead?” The Old farmer replied, “Well, some of them said they weren’t, but you know how politicians lie, I couldn’t trust their word”!!


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