An Outrageous Short Message Sending Text to Make You Laugh

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17th Jan 2011

Good News for Sinners promotion!

This promotional piece is for those that want to get to heaven. Die now and get to heaven without judgement. This offer expires on the 31-12-11. Hurry now while the offer lasts.

Pass this information to other sinners!

Actually, this is an short message sending sent to me by a very good friend last year who felt I deserve the right to something really funny to make my Christmas and new year celebrations worth my time. I took my time to go through it and realize that it actually does not have heresy implied or stated quite boldly in it. You too can go through it and tell me what you think about this snap-shot short message sending that has elicited lots of laughter from other friends.

Now, another thing is this, I have realized that with the advent of gsm telecommunication technology in Nigeria, one can afford to make the day of his dear good friends through the use of the power of the delightful little thing called short message sending which is having the feature in all the mobile handsets in the Nigerian market.

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On a lighter note, send an sms and make someone happy today friend. Ciao!