Anal Bleaching

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1st Jun 2013


There are some old sayings about what makes some folks attractive to other folks.  One saying goes:  You can never be too rich or too thin.

Some folks seem to think you can never be too white.  Or rather, if you are of the Caucasian persuasion, and some part of your anatomy does not meet shall we say: Aryan standards, bleach it!  Even if it’s your butt.

There are a number of things that come to mind concerning this bleacher bum mentality.  One rather obvious one is:  how did you happen to be looking at that?  How is it that you have time to look at that?  Why are you not looking up higher and in front like the rest of the males of the species?  Perhaps you have incorrectly identified your sexuality?  In other words, your fascination with assignation may be an indication of your actual preference in lovers….

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Meanwhile, back at some woman’s rear end…apparently one way this anal bleaching procedure is done requires that the anus be waxed first.  Some women have their vulva’s bleached as well.  You may well wonder were all this behavior comes from.  Some say it came from porn stars who shaved their privates and bleached what was left.

And then there are the women who have things done to their nipples to please their lovers….

So you say you want to look like a porn star…


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Kathy Aoki – The Anal Bleaching Lesson (2009) (Photo credit: )