And Now a Short and Angry Moment!

And Now A Short and Angry Moment!

Damn liberals, destroying this great country, men marrying other men, women marrying other women, making it illegal to bitch slap panda’s, what they’re going extinct, where not. when did inter species bragging become so frowned upon. ill tell you when, when Hollywood ( sounds like some trans sex porn star, liberals) was founded, they all got together, not all of them where jewish, some of them where sodomites,some where jewish sodomites, but never mind. but they all decided how to destroy America is a comprehensive 10 step program.

1. Make movies, done, easy as pie

2. make movies with a message, problem with this is that thinking is the honest mans lie, if you cant decide if you like it or not within seconds why even try to act like a normal human being.

3. jew up our air waves, sure jews find it funny, did they ever ask us if we thought it was funny, no! Elitists.

that’s all i got, there agenda is secret, so secret that not even they know about it. see that’s the thing, there robots, or lizards, or lizard robots with opposable thumbs, and opinions, no one cares Hollywood, your opinions suck. and don’t comeback with that whole its your opinion our opinion sucks and its our opinion that you thinking our opinion sucks sucks. see im ahead of ya, not so smart you now Hollywood. you cant keep up with me nope, not with all your gay weddings, abortion rallies and award ceremonies. i am too quick, like a cheetah.

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my mental capacity is so vast, so astonishing, i don’t even need spell check, another liberal invention to control how we spell words and thus control language. why is everyone so blind, barak hussien obama, HUSSIEN IS IN HIS NAME why not vote in jimmy Adolf carter, or maybe Franklin Satan Roosevelt? liberal broke our back bone, i come from a time where names meant something, Ford meant quality, chevy meant quality, now days! BROKE, no money, how does that happen. and yes there is a tear in the corner of my eye like the Indian on a tootsie pop. o and before i go, a mad shout out to Carl Lampsy for supplying all us tea partiers with a tootsie pop, whoop whoop. SUCKERS!

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