Angry Birds Live or Unusual Birthday Cake

Published by in Humor
24th Feb 2011

Everyone who played the Angry Bird would be certainly played well live. Fortunately oneyoung boy, which his father made a cake in the style Angry Bird. Indeed, it is alsofunctional.

Do you think that cooking and the most downloaded game for all the smartphoneplatforms go together? Then you are mistaken. One father, he is prepared for his son’sunusual birthday cake. His family is said to have become a tradition that the birthday fundoing a variety of cakes and ridiculous. At 6 birthday of his son Ben have prepared acake based on the most downloaded games, Angry Birds. Probably it would not beanything special if it was a classic flat cake. This is but a fully ”functional “ and you canplay the entire round. Everything is carefully thought out. The base is a wooden plank,which is prepared hole for a sling. Wooden cutting board is covered with aluminum foil,which is using the vanilla frosting, colored green food coloring, created grass.