Angry Cat Gets Betrayed by Her Lover

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21st Sep 2010

Ever seen some cats meowing at each other, and wondered what they were saying? Well, this person used their imagination alright! In the following video, there are two cats. One is the female, the other is the male. The female is very angry with the other cat, and shows it out on the main streets of the city. Who ever this was, caught this at just the perfect moment! Take a look at what happens, when a male cat cheats on his lover! LOL.

Did you like it?! If so, you can find many other videos like this on youtube. Just type in similar key words. There’s thousands of videos that are really similar to this one.

  • My World

    Great post……..

    thanks for share.

  • Ethics0006


  • Markus Day

    Thx Ash ;)

  • Sunjhini

    ROFL ROFL… yeah saw it in facebook too :D

  • addjust

    meow waw aww meow growllll..waawww mewouw wow

  • Dragoonk

    The “subtitle” is so funny, but I don’t want to judge or anything, I should just enjoy the vid… well male and female cats don’t do that… only male cats fight for teritory and make those sounds, so those two cats were both male lol. but that’s not important. The vid is awesome! Keep it up Ash!

  • L R Humphries

    Good work, man that boy was cowering. For some reason I was expecting her to slap him though….

  • Markus Day

    Yep there are a couple of versions of this video. +1

  • Ubel Ein


  • Erin Miller