Angry Resident Takes Revenge on Back Street Urinators

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5th Jul 2011

In the Hoxton area of Islington, London The Aquarium Club gets a stream of frequent visitors at night, but not to enjoy the setting. Nighttime revelers have taken to visiting the location to urinate, using doorways, walls, and outbuildings to take a little relief.

Obviously sick of the goings on outside one man took a video camera to a window to film the goings on outside for one hour.

As you can see when you look at the video, the flood of visitors, and undoubtably urine comes quick and fast. You’ll notice a police car moving round a corner in the time the cameraman catches two foul visitors, and you’ll also notice a pedestrian during two clips too.

Over the course of the hour (reduced to just over a minutes filming) the cameraman catches various men and women using the area as a public toilet, as well as a couple involved in a romantic tryst, and a graffiti artist.

The clip which was uploaded onto youtube almost a month ago has had almost 48,500 views, hopefully the clearly fed up resident, gets more hits and people understand that urine should go in the toilet, not at the rear of someone premises. Let alone anywhere near this series of backroads in Hoxton, as you never quite know who’s watching!

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