Angry: Two

Published by in Humor
19th Jun 2012

writes in the paTrim that I kiss the factory girls. And I’ll never peace and more. For the girls.

-You can talk to people.

-Yes, yes. Enough it. But that’s all bad times for new construction. Lorikason’s houses stand empty. Not the city is inclined to philanthropic house building, when Lorikason need to lower rents.

-Brother, so good cynical.

Jo-jo mensan. The jubilation wiped her hands and pulled on his coat. You know what, Kirkus little? There is one man, one who can be your help. His integrity requirement, his fight figure and his white beard makes him above parties and landlords. It’s brother’s cousin, glorvyrdige Atticus Smith.-Yes, I know, I know. He has no interest in these kinds of small follies. But you should bribe him. You should stick to him a few hundred dolLorika. Or two or three depending on the advice and apartment. It is with him as