Animal Instincts in Man Prove Fatal

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5th Oct 2011

A tigress was mercilessly beaten to death by villagers while the forest officers looked on. The animal had a past history of attacking cattle by entering populated area now and then. Those officers could surely do something while this was going on.This totally goes against conservation of wildlife after so much hue and cry about it.

A lorry driver was beaten to death by Road Transport Office staffers because he refused to pay bribe, during a vehicle check up. This was reported by his twenty three year old son who worked there with his father. One of the constables took the vehicle for weighing and found it was just ok, not overloaded. Nevertheless, he demanded a bribe of rupees one thousand. The driver was willing to pay rupees five hundred and this resulted in an altercation. The constable beat him brutally causing instant death. A crowd began to gather in protest at about 5am. It was too late then.

We consider ourselves civilized even with this blatant display of greed and violence.

  • girishpuri

    it’s different and a news to me

  • Christine Ramsay

    That is terrible. How can people be so cruel?

  • vijayanths

    I watched the clash between the policemen and the lorry drivers after that incident on TV. It was horrible.

  • The Silver Phoenix

    i completely agree. if the people on earth can’t learn to love one another then why the quest to explore more planets and civilisations. if i were an alien, i would go on warp speed and pass earth by for all its primitive barbarity, bloodshed and violence. only 1 in ten actually behave like humans. thanks for sharing.

  • PSingh1990

    Interesting one. Agree with you.


  • Saurav Banerjee

    This is so pathetic. I don’t know where corruption will take us.

  • Rosettaartist1

    interesting article

  • FX777222999

    Some unique news indeed.

  • Tulan

    That is so horrible, I hope he stays in jail for a long, long time.

  • erwinkennythomas

    good share!

  • ittechil


  • FX777222999

    Revisiting this article.