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Animal Superstitions

Published by mystery61 in Animal
September 10th, 2009

Some interesting superstitions of different animals.

These animal superstitions come from all over the world. Some may superstitions and traditions may be familiar to you and others may not be. The list is as follows:

Ants- In the British Isles it is thought to be unlucky to kill an ant because they are believed to be the reincarnation of children who died unbaptised.

Bat- If a bat appears during a wedding ceremony it is considered a bad omen. Also, if a bat flys three times around your house and hits a windowpane, someone in the house is to pass away.

Bee- They are traditionally regarded as bearers of goodwill. The appearance of a swarm of bee’s in your garden is suppose to be a sign of great prosperity.

Birds- About the best known superstition with birds is, that if a bird flys in through an open window in your house and then back out again, it is a sure sign that someone will soon die in that house.

Cat- The anciet Egytianians believed the cat held supernatural powers. They never killed a cat, if someone was caught killing a cat it was punishable by death.

Caterpillar- Over in Northern England if you toss a caterpillar over your left shoulder it i suppose to bring you good luck.

Cow- If a cow is trespassing in your garden, it is a warning of imminent death.

Crickets- To have a crickets in your home are regarded as a good omen and it is considered very bad luck to kill one.

Crocodile- A crocodile is said to weep after it has eaten all but the head of its human victim, shedding “crocodile tears” which magically turn to jewels to lure more human prey.

Daddy Long Legs- In the British Isles, farmers are careful not to harm a daddy long leg, they believe they will bring good luck to the crops.

Dog- They say if a dog eats grass or rolls in the dust, rain is on the way.

Drangonfly- Superstition has it that anyone who catches a drangonfly will marry within the year.

Ducks- If a duck flap their wings while they swim, i is a warning of rain approaching.

Flea- In Germany, a flea bite on the hand is welcomed, for it means you will soon be kissed or receive good news.

Fly- A fly falling in your drink is suppose to be lucky.

Gnat- A gnat is suppose to be a lucky insect. If it s let into the room of a person who is ill it will absorb the sickness.

Guinea Fowl- Is suppose to be a very lucky animal and bring sunshine to a farm.

Hedgehog- Superstition has it that this is very a very unlucky animal, it is suppose to be a disguise for witches.

Heron-British has it that this is an ill-omen bird. It’s appearance makes people very anxious, but people are afraid to kill it for fear they will have even worse luck.

Horse- If a horse is found sweaty in the morning, they are rumored to have been “hag ridden” meaning witches rode them at night.

Mole- They are believed to be lucky. Some say they come out of their tunnels at night to hear the angels sing.

Mosquito- These insects really are considered lucky. Mosquitos may even be welcomed in the bedrooms of people who are sick, on the grounds that they fly back out again, taking the illness with them.

Moth- It is believed that moths are the reincarnation of a lost soul, so people are careful not to harm them.

Muskrat-The Indians believe you can tell a lot about the weather by observing the muskrats home. If it builds its home clear of water, then heavy rains are coming. If it builds its home with thin walls, then it will be a mild winter.

Owl- Sightings of owls usually are considered omens of death or misfortune.

Snake- Some superstitions say a snake is very protective. If you hang a snakeskin from your rafters, you will protect your house from fire.

Toad- Another animal associated with witchcraft but in some superstition the toad is considered to be lucky. The appearance of toad means the end of a drought and good fortune.

Tortoise- A very lucky animal. The tortoise is associated with strenght and immortality.

Wolf- Of all the superstitions, the wolf is probably the most feared. It is considered to be the disguised of the devil.

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    Like it. Know turtles are supposed to be good for a long life.

  5. Squirlette
    Posted July 31, 2012 at 10:34 am

    I’ve had plenty of dogs visiting the path to my property; they always leave the evidence behind!

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    Posted July 31, 2012 at 10:37 am

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    PS: I wish the squirrel would also mark his presence on the path to my house…it’s been too long squirley pooh!

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