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Funny Sayings from Duck Dynasty

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November 6th, 2012

A lot of funny quotes by your favorite Duck Dynasty characters, Uncle Si, Jase, Willie, Kay, Phil Robertson and Missy Robertson.

Have you ever been hooked on a TV show and you look for the rerun to come on so you can watch it again? I have had some shows I loved to watch. But I have never been hooked on one of those reality shows Whale Wars is one. That’s only 8 weeks and I have never stayed up until 2am laughing to whale wars the show is called Duck Dynasty. This is a reality show that will make you laugh. It’s on A&E on Friday nights. 

Most of the following quotes are unofficial and collected from unrated episodes of Duck Dynasty.

Duck Dynasty Quotes:

  • There is no way these boys are pulling such hot wives without the millions in the bank account. Uncle Si
  • Uncle Si on duck dynasty: we’ll is there anything else you wanna tell me!? Son: my hand smells like taco meat.
  • Well it is official! All three of my neighborhood girls love duck hunting! I’m raising some good old country girls! Si Robertson
  • My Life will be complete when my boss is on fire. Willie

  • I’m at a bar today, and there is a lady here who seems a tad crazy. And by a tad crazy, I mean that she is just a full beard away from being Uncle Si! Kay Robertson
  • I think I was adopted and I think my real family has a show on TV called Duck Dynasty!
  • I am a Lady Gaga junkie not sure if that’s cool or not but that alien is hilarious! ~ Jase Robertson
  • My lovely wife said if I quit smoking I can grow any beard I want.
  • I know how he feels about his tea cup. I just lost my 28 year old duct tape beer hugged. It was a sad day. ~ Missy Roberson

  • Jason: Si, you’re going to get fired… Si: I’m like an owl, I don’t give a hoot!
  • I don’t care if you were born in Louisiana, you moved here when you were two! Si
  • I’m voting for Phil off of duck dynasty for president his son Jase for vice president and uncle Si for secretary of state. Miss Kay

  • Water jugs are filled and the blinds are closed. I am kicking back now with 5 loads of clean laundry. Phil Roberson
  • I need a sweet tea snow cone so I can get a brain sneeze. Jase
  • I have a hard time; I am trying to vote for the lesser of 2 evils.  Phil
  • You owe me 30 minutes of my life! Kay Roberson
  • I think Phil off of duck dynasty should be our president… Everybody would be happy happy happy! Si Roberson

  • When my mom and dad were together and my momma never made my dad stop being such a redneck, I’d be living like I was on duck dynasty.
  • In Vietnam I saw a grizzly bear riding a scooter. ~ Uncle Si
  • I wish this belly dance could be on every night… Then life would be pretty damn close to perfect! Phil Robertson

When ever you have bad days or if you are feeling down the best way to feel better and laugh is by reading Kim Kardashian poetry. Jase Robertson

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