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Great Rarity: Red Monkey Langur Was Born!

Published by Boyka in Animal
October 5th, 2011

Great rarity: red monkey langur was born!
LONDON – Looking for female Lu Lu visitors to London would certainly have told the zoo that the animal in her arms her child. Little Tango, although it looks completely different, but really it is.

Great rarity: red monkey langur was born!

Monkey Ĩiernosrstí both parents, but mom is another kind as the father of Neo. The langur Duke, who come from Vietnam, it is common that they are born progeny with orange colored hair.

Ryšavcom but little monkey-man will not stay forever. “We will soon start to darken. By the time she reaches half should already be completely black,” said the nurse Kathryn Sanders.

Tango, who was born on 1 September, most of the time spent with his mother. As a nurse, however, proved his Aunt Lee Lee.

Langur duk are critically endangered. Around the world, they have found only about two thousand, most of them bred in China and Vietnam.

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