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If Skrillex Had a Pet…..

Published by Andrew Hannah in Animal
March 30th, 2011


This needs to happen. Just imagine: a squirrel singing everyone’s favorite song lyrics on stage at his master’s command. Squirrellex would be the most coveted singer in the whole world. Forget the dumb squirrel on jet skis, he can sit back and learn a thing or two from a real squirrel. Now, how would Squirrellex be rewarded? The assumption is through money and fame, but squirrels seldom want any of that. All they want are a few nuts, and I’m sure he’ll find plenty of those at his concerts. No, I’m not talking about the fans, I’m talking about the masses of people that bring acorns to his concerts just to throw them up on stage for him to eat in between songs. Now isn’t that the life a squirrel really wants? If anyone knows or has seen a squirrel that could pull this off, please convince him to join up with Skrillex. It’s only in the best interest of the world.

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