Animals Who Steal: Part Two

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22nd Jun 2010

This little raccoon is bound and bent that he is going to dine with Mister Kitty and being slapped repeatedly about the snout and ears will not deter this hungry fellow.

Watch as the big scary dog and fearsome cat keep peace in the kitchen after dark.

This fashion conscious monkey would rather look cool than spend time honing his social skills.

When it’s time for nest renovations this crow knows right where to go to pilfer building supplies.

A polar bear shows his lazy side when it comes to fishing for his dinner.  For those with sensitive ears please turn down the volume while one fisherman expresses his surprise and disappointment at losing his catch.

Four legged animals aren’t the only ones who take trinkets belonging to others.  This seagull finds a bauble of his own in the middle of a golf tournament. 

A fox who loves to steal golf balls ends up on the six o’clock news.  The end of the clip shows this foxy character leaving the fairway for a patch of scrubland that has become a hiding place for his precious plunder.     

  • emmy19

    Good stuff

  • nobert soloria bermosa

    cool animals…lol

  • Brenda Nelson

    well dang, I cannot watch videos.. I suppose the worst thief is still humans, after all we steal animals from the wild and put them in cages.

  • flowerrose

    what’s a loveable animals. Although we often make frighten us but I love them very much. Thanks for share.

  • Darlene McFarlane

    Thanks for the comments guys. This was a fun article to do. Saw lots of clips that I didn’t include.

    B Nelson. I think you’re right. We do steal from the animals in more ways than one. We are taking their habitats from them, their food, and their freedom.

  • drishti8

    Great collections to watch.


    Interesting stuffs here. I think among those animals, monkeys are the worst thief. I once encountered one monkey was eating the leaves of my neighbor’s papaya tree. Considering the worst ever thief, I’d say humans are the one. :-)

  • Ruby Hawk

    they are sneaky devils, aren’t they?

  • lxdollarsxl

    Wonderful videos – and i wasnt the one that took the golf balls ;)

  • Tiki33

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.

  • alexgadd

    very funny, well found

  • lolontka

    These are wonderful, you have to love them!

  • anchorman

    Reminds me of my brother lurking around the table before the Thanksgiving meal.

  • pc4all

    lol.nice specially the vid with the golf ball

  • Netty net

    Do stealer make good pets lol?

  • BluSphere

    Really funny title. I loved it – that’s why I clicked it.
    Great article – great coverage of media (video / pictures)

    Best regards,