Anno1777 Tips for Beginners Part Three

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21st Jul 2011

In ANNO1777 Tips for Beginners Part 1 we discussed the Bonuses and the basics of playing ANNO1777.  In Part 2 we discussed Wellness and Productivity.  In this part we will discuss investing in ANNO1777.

It is important to remember that ANNO1777 is a free to play game, you can play and earn money as a free member.  There are no member upgrades.  However, to gain an advantage over other players, you may invest real world money (Euros) by buying in-game Euros through: Bank Transfers, SMS, Credit Cards and Resellers. 

Paying by Card and SMS may be the easiest way to go about it but the charges (-)Bonuses/Penalties could be deterrent.  

Paying by Wire Transfer offers the biggest Bonus (up to 25%) depending on the amount transferred.  However, it also takes five (5) working days to be credited.

The best alternative? Buying through Resellers.  It is fast and easy especially if you have a PayPal, AlertPay, Neteller and WebMoney accounts.  It is also arguably the most secure transaction.

Tip #8: If you want to buy from a Reseller, buy it from someone who is online at the time you will make the purchase as this will ensure the immediate approval of your payment and the almost instant transfer of the purchased Virtual Euro into your account. 

A Reseller’s status will be shown on the Reseller page.  It is also a good idea to contact Resellers through their Yahoo Messenger account before the actual transaction.

So what are you waiting for?  Join us in this online world!

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  • Vincent Barry

    What the hell? Why is this here? This should be in gameolosophy… Maybe that’s why its humor? #sigh!