Annoying Things People Do: At The Cinema

In this first of a new series of articles I will be writing, I am going to look at some of the annoying things people do in the cinema. Every article will have a different theme – but this one focuses purely on those annoying things at the cinema!

It was only yesterday I was at my local Cineworld in Chichester, watching , when I sat and thought about how some of the fellow audience members and other customers can be totally annoying at times. I don’t know if you have ever experienced any of the following before:??

1. You know just before the film starts and the message about turning your mobile phone off comes on? Well bugger me yesterday, I am sat next to some teenage plonk who is watching the advert – while on her phone checking out Facebook! Unbelievable.

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2. The same girl still didn’t turn her phone off when the film started, and about half way through she got a phone call and rather than cancel it and turn off the phone, you know what she did?? She it and tried to whisper to the other person, and because the volume is so loud in the cinema she’s saying ” I can’t hear you” in a really muffled whisper. I felt like saying that’s a shame love because everyone in this screen can hear your conversation!

3. Kids flicking popcorn! Oh my god this is one that I just can’t tolerate. Kids pay to watch a film and buy popcorn only to flick it at other members of the audience for the 2 hours. It also isn’t just popcorn now, they throw sweets like Revels and Malteasers – which tend to hurt when they hit you on the head.

4. Exaggerated laughing. Okay, some films are highly amusing. Some parts of a film are wet your self type moments. BUT…. when people are still laughing at the same joke 10 minutes later and saying to their friend “god that was so funny”, it gets a bit tedious.

5. Uncontrollable crying. Much the same as the exaggerated laughing but I think the crying can be more annoying at times. I actually don’t mind people getting a bit tearful through films- after all they are meant to try and get a reaction from our emotions, but people who full on blubber and wail really do my head in.


  • Excellent article.

    I agree with you on every single one. I can’t stand people kicking my chair from behind. Also, I can’t stand people chatting on their cell phones & talking during a movie. Walking in late especially after commercials and looking for a place to sit is very distracting to other movie goers.

  • Talkers are the worst. Why not stay home and talk. And what’s up with the ushers who don’t do their job?

  • These things annoy me too. It makes it hard to enjoy the movie when people are doing these things. I really enjoyed reading this.

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