Another Day in My Shoes, Hope They Fit.

            In one of those super crashes just in marianas trench just so down I can’t even see up, God it’s annoying, I annoy my own self with my own shit didn’t even think that was possible. Anyways back to my point, if i even had one, of how annoying my constant depressed life is some may say its my pessimistic perspective of life that make my life “depressing” may be true but in all reality who really wants to hear that when their pissed. It’s almost like saying no one has it worse then you or “my life sucks” in contradiction makes us feel better, more important. Maybe life is just another constant competition…whole other point on its own. Sometimes I feel as if my life is just another fabricated work of Edgar Allen Poe; just weaved with the most malevolent details and substantially painful endings that questions one’s own perspective of their life. just twisted from one of his files to my life. Ironic you can spell life from file.

          One of the most commonly heard phrases I have heard when I sulk over a bad day is “Someone else probably has it worse then you…” Well sucks for them but my day sucks so leave me to my sulking. Ok well I don’t say that but if you think about it, it must really suck for that person that has been handed so many of lifes shortcomings that they in fact cannot compare their misfortune to any others. I know thinking to in depth in something that is just supposed to make you feel better but thats what i love to do I guess, obssess over the unnecessary and just forget the important. I have noticed the higher society people tend to stress more over the small bad things that happened to them; they have amazing lives full of money, partners, and well more money. Sure there are some bad sides to it but I don’t see them sitting in the dark because they couldn’t pay their electric bill or anything. Actually they have shows and more shows to show us how perfect their lives are they have fansites dedicated to them. People cry for them when they get hurt they have got it made living it up in hollywood or some remote island they bought for themselves. Yet when their albums don’t sell as much or love doesn’t fall in their lap like everything else they go crazy referring back to their roots like animals I mean look at Brittney Spears she shaved her head. I dont know but I think I speak for all women when I say I would never EVER shave my head that is like beyond. Makes me wonder maybe the person who is “worse then  [Britney]” would be completely hairless not from their own wishes either.

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