Another Jokes Session

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10th Mar 2011

Why are bakers always short of money and poor? –  answer –  Because they always need dough

I was always told I was a live wire.  I don’t know anything about electricity and I don’t shock anybody really

I heard a story about three egs and was just too (two) bad to tell you – I’m not yolking either

I went to the doctor to tell him I was a little horse (hoarse) but he said I should have told him before – not after closing the stable door.  I said to him what can I do to get a stable relationship and he told me ‘Marry a horse’

On another occassion I went to a chip shop to get some fish and chips and when I asked him how much it was he said it would cost about £4-00p at least.  I said you are codding of course.  I suppose his sole (soul) was in the job.  At that point I had to remove my shoe and I felt a right heel.

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Three people were discussing the mreits of their own religion.   One was Catholic and he had his say.  The othere was a protestant and he had his say about the topic but the third one said ‘I won’t get involved with this discussion as I know nothing about religion. I am am athiest THANK GOD.

And there’s more – there’s more at another time.  I may decide to give another little talk as well for those who like to listen to another point of view.                                                                   Regards  Leslie