Another Ten Zany Sayings

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25th Nov 2011

Coming at you from across your computer screens and around the world, from the demented reaches of my mind, I bring to you ten zaniest sayings. I told you I would beat this horse until dead and then I’ll beat it some more. Here are some more witty musings right from the depths of my mind. I really do think that we’re getting close to scraping the bottom of the barrel with the sayings, but you never know when a bit greater inspiration will strike. Check out the last round of zany sayings, which will take you to all of the previous rounds of zany sayings.

So with the necessary padding to make sure this article reaches my self imposed minimum, kick back, relax, and enjoy some zany sayings.

“So how many politicians does it take to change a light bulb? Depends on how fast they can draft a five hundred page legislation on how exactly they’ll do it.”

“Wouldn’t every shift worked at a cemetery technically be the graveyard shift?”

“Calling Customer Service is like going drinking at the bar all night long. You’re likely going to end up with a headache afterwards.”

“Halloween is a necessity for dentists to afford their Christmas shopping.”

“A man’s bathroom is his fortress of solitude.”

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“Go with the flow or you’re going to hit the floor.”

“The Internet is ten percent information, twenty percent trolling, seventy percent porn.”

“Don’t argue with the elderly. They have more experience at being stubborn.”

“An eye for an eye must mean that we’re both pirates.”

“One person’s torture is another person’s disturbed depraved fetish.”

There we have it. Ten more zany sayings for you to digest, and perhaps one more round in the future for more zany sayings. Hopefully you enjoyed this little tour of the disturbed depths of my mind.

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