Anti Sticky Frying Pan Can be Harm Our Health

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23rd Oct 2012

Cooking with non-stick skillet is fun, like frying fish, sauteing, cook whatever feels no need to think that it will stick and be difficult to clean. But is it safe non-stick frying pan for your health?

Sure, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. As well as cooking with non-stick skillet. Since there are already non-stick coating, so it is easy and efficient cooking oil. No need to use a lot of oil, cuisine can also cooked perfectly. In contrast to using regular pans, for fear of sticky, oil is usually used so much more.

Unfortunately, or perfluorocarbons PFCs are used as ingredients in non-stick skillet, extremely dangerous when consumed by the body. In addition to the growth of the body can cause problems also can cause damage to the liver. Well, really the danger is that it?

In order not to disturb the hazard to your health and family, there are a few things you can look at.

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Make sure you always use a safe non-stick skillet

Today many brands of non-stick skillet on offer. And, you need to know in the pan there are some brands that are sold at a low price and causing harm to health. Why? because usually the material is easy to peel and not made up. To make sure that you choose a pan with the finest materials and are safe to use.

Do not be too hot

Using a non-stick frying pan should not be too hot. As quoted from Yahoo Shine, PFC easily dispersed in the air while flying at very high temperatures. To prevent this from happening, make sure you keep the heat used when cooking.

Use wood equipment

For frying or sauteing, always use wooden utensils so as not to rub the pan and peel PFCnya making materials.

Use foam cleanser

When you do not have to wash the pan rubbed with a rough and tough, just use foam cleanser. With the help of dish soap, dirt on the pan will fade anyway.

Choose a skillet that go green

Some non-stick frying pan option, carrying the campaign go green. With the use of materials and safe choice. So you can more easily while wearing them as everyday cookware.

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