Applying for Section Eight What You Need to Know

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16th Apr 2013

Applying for Section 8 will become easier if you fill the form correctly. If the application is correct, placement will be faster and you won’t experience any delays. Nowadays you can fill up the application form on the Internet or you can still get the form in person. If you do it in person, just ask for the application.

Where to Get the Form Online

As stated you can get the form either via the web or in person. There are some websites that will assist you in filling up the form and the other processes, but there is a small fee charged. No matter how you get the form, you should fill in all the fields. Some of the information that you will be asked to provide are your income total, rent and employment history as well your address and number of people in your family among others.

Applying for Section 8

After you have completed the form, sign and date it. Bring it to your PHA office where it will be subjected to processing. When you go to the office, make sure you have your Social Security number, ID and other required documents which will be specified in the site.

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Prior to submitting, double check the information you have entered, and make sure there are no grammatical errors as they can be grounds for rejection.

After submitting your application, you will eventually get confirmation that your family has been put on the HUD waiting list. This confirmation will come with a priority code indicating where you are on the waiting list.

Apart from the priority date you will also get information detailing the date and time for your interview. Prioritization depends on your financial situation, needs and how many vouchers are available.

Background Information about Section 8

This genesis of this program was the Great Depression, as millions of Americans were struggling to make ends meet and find affordable homes. Section 8, also known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program aims to provide decent homes for low income families. The program first appeared in 1937 and has continued on today.

Section 8 has many features, and it is important for any applicant to be aware of them. The most important fact that you need to be aware of is that this housing program is open only for families whose income is lower than 50% of the mean monthly earnings of families in the city they live in.

Under this program, tenants who qualify do not have to pay more than 30% of your monthly income for rent. The rest of the expenses will be paid for by the US government via HUD. The amount that the renter has to pay will be paid directly to eh landlord.

The amount that the HUD will pay is covered by the FMR (fair market rent). The FMR is actually determined by HUD and it is based on factors like rental unit size, geographic area and also which party will shoulder the cost of the utility bills.

Finally, it should be pointed that there is no time restriction as to how long an individual or family can stay in the program. But the moment that their income goes over 50%, they can no longer avail of the program. In fact any changes in your income must be made known to HUD.

Daniel Parks is an expert in Section 8 housing, and has had extensive experience dealing with the process and amendments that the program has undergone. Parks lives in Philadelphia where he is always monitoring the housing program there.