Are Extreme Couponer’s Hoarders??

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27th Oct 2011

With tough economic times it makes sense to “stockpile” the basics because you never know when you will find yourself unemployed or too sick to work. What makes sense is canned goods, shampoo, soap, deodorant, frozen food etc. Stuff that keeps well that you know you will use. You also need to rotate your stockpile because it will be no good if you don’t use it before the expiry date.

Here are some examples of extreme couponer’s who could have a staring role on Hoarder’s.

1.     The lady who had under her son’s bed filled with toilet paper plus another closet with toilet paper in it.

2.     Nathan, who in one trip bought 1,100 boxes of cereal – come on!! Is this guy and his family going to eat all that cereal before it expires. He also bought 60 bottles of hand soap and 300 toothbrushes!!

3.     Amanda, who has over 3,000 rolls of toilet paper in her stockpile. My stockpile of toilet paper that I bought on sale with coupons was 84 double rolls and that will do us for 1 year. Just how big does your house have to be to stockpile 3,000 rolls of toilet paper. I guess you could stack them and make coffee and end tables. A star in the making.

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4.     What about the couple that got 100 boxes of cat food for free and they don’t even own a cat??? Hoarder’s Star?? No, they deserve a star of a different kind. They donated the boxes of cat food to their local animal shelter.

Many of the extreme couponer’s featured on the show are very generous. There was the guy that got all the free toothbrushes and other items and used his freebies to send care packages to soldier’s fighting over seas. The lady who donated her free sports drinks to her son’s football team. Many of the extreme couponer’s donate a lot of food to their local food banks.

The one’s who’s stockpiles have taken over their homes are the ones who need to be on Hoarder’s!!

  • Adrn0919

    Great article. It is scary how much sense you make with the similarities between extreme couponers and hoarders.

  • D.A.Sullivan

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. And you’re definately right, the similarities are scary!!