Are You a Jerk? – How to Not be an Idiot, a Scumbag, a Douche, a Bad Friend

We all know our jerks. Our scumbags. The people we hate and wish they died. But are you one of them?

Being a Jerk is easier than you expect. Sometimes, we say things that we do not mean, or we say things jokingly, but in reality this can hurt people’s feelings. If you want to know whether you are a jerk or not, ask yourself these questions.

Do people Avoid you?

When you go to a crowd of people, or people you think that are your friends, do they tend to ignore you, or try to avoid you? Do you wonder why your friend is not answering your calls, or your texts, or why people are unfriending you on Facebook.

Also, if someone is avoiding you, ask them “why?”. Usually they will come up with an excuse like “Oh, I’m babysitting on Friday” or “Oh, I’m really busy with Homework on Friday”. Once in a while is okay, but constantly is a red alert for you and your jerkiness.

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What kind of comments do I say?

Ask yourself what kind of things do you say to people. When you talk, or when you make a joke and tease someone (playfully or maliciously, whichever), are you hurting them? When you say what you say, does the person look down, or get really angry? Do they avoid you after you make the comment?

Do you get in a lot of verbal fights?

People say that friends finding is O.K., but too much fights can be a huge sign that you are a jerk. If you are fighting with multiple people all the time, you’re probably creating a lot of drama for yourself and the other people. Instead of thinking why everyone else is avoiding you, try to see if you are doing something wrong. Maybe you’re rude, or maybe your comments are too harsh, or maybe you don’t stick to commitments. Whatever it is, stay unbiased and try to stay true to yourself.

And now, how to not be a Jerk.

If you are finding yourself guilty of Jerkhood, then follow these tips the next time you meet up with people.

Don’t insult anyone, jokingly or not, ever

Obviously if people have malice against you, you want to restrain yourself from making jokes about you or other people, or trying to be funny by making fun of other people. Obviously people are not aware whether or not you are joking, or perhaps your jokes are too harsh. Stick with complimenting people.

Don’t get in a fight

Try to avoid conflicts with other people by looking at their perspective. 

With these tips you can have friends and not be a jerk! Hoo hah!


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