Are You Bored: Grocery Store Edition

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22nd Nov 2010

The List: In order from least to most ruthless

1. The Marathon- Set yourself a timer in your car when you arrive at the grocery store, Then see how quickly you can make it in and out and see if you can beat the timer.

2. The Creeper- Place items on the register in groups that do not seem right together. For example Bananas and condom next to each other,  cold pills and cleaning supplies together, and see if the cashier starts to notice. (Also a fun one to mess with cashiers is to place a single grape, or cherry on the register and when they get to it ask for it in it’s own bag.)

The Salesman- As you are shopping see how many items you can get other customers to buy. See if you could  be an excellent sales man. Find an item they’re buying and get them to buy another brand, or something that tastes awful if you want to be mischievous.

3. The Follower- As you are walking into the grocery store grab a cart and begin to follow the first random shopper you see. Anything they buy pick up and place in your cart as well. If they confront you explain to them maybe we just like the same foods.


4. The Slip and Slide- Find a wet floor sign inside of the grocery store and immediately once you pass it slip and fall and begin screaming, making a big scene.

5. Who Did It?- Having worked in a grocery store before I have been apart of the mystery crew for this one. Find a piece of dog poo and place it in a random place on the floor in the grocery store and then continue shopping. While you are shopping and once you have finished shopping observe the way the employees are acting. They will be more than likely on the mystery hunt looking for the old man that couldn’t hold it in.

By following any of these 5 steps can take an ordinary shopping spree and make it a fun one.

  • coffeeadict

    You gave me some really crazy ideas for my next shop visit. That’s gonna be fun…

  • tankermone

    I really loved the one where you put a single small fruit on the register and ask for its own bag. Hilarious!

  • Davanita

    The salesman thing sounds like it would be a hoot!

  • Brewed Coffee

    LOL! :-) I’m afraid I’m not a scene stealer