Are You Bored? Then Read This

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15th Mar 2014

As a Kid and a primary school student, these were my answer to boredom.

I answered the questions asked by teachers and other students. 

Needless to say I overcame my boredom quick, that’s all mattered to me when bored.


Question (Q.) How many teeth does a lion have?

My Answer (A.) 2 , One to kill, one to chew

Q. What letter in English alphabet come after a, b, ?

A. “e” 

Hint: see the spelling of “alphabet”

Q. Where do bird go when they about to die?

A. Heaven,

because they can fly 

Q. In Heath Science class, lesson titled “First Aid” ,

What you do when you see someone just fallen down from a Jack Fruit Tree?

A. Grab the Jack Fruit and run as far as you can

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Q. Why do dead body floats while living humans sink in water?

A. Because when we are dead only we are light hearted. 

Q. How many sides to a prism?

A. 2, inside and outside.

Q. When elephants get decorated, why nothing should touch the floor?

A. Because they have already 7 things touching the floor 

Q. Why humans have 2 ears while only 1 mouth?

A. Because it is much easier to close 1 than 2. 

Q. Why you should not laugh loud at barbecues?

A. Because so many flies with no brakes.

Q. No matter what you do, or how much bored, what must you not forget?

A. To Breathe