Are You Determined?

Published by in Humor
18th Feb 2017

Determination is a quality that is usually a necessity for success. Are you determined?

Let’s face it, talk is cheap. So many people talk about what they want to do while not even making the slightest attempt to do it. Sometimes they may actually make the effort but fold like a house of cards once they meet a little opposition. However, nobody in this world ever really met a great deal of success by giving up every time things get tough.

One of the harsh realities of life is the fact that, from time to time, we will face some form of opposition as we pursue our goals. The opposition can come from any number of places. Your job, your family, your friends, your financial circumstances and the list goes on. Although we often face serious setbacks or obstacles, we really sometimes just use them as excuses to quit.

Some people have a great fear of failure. This could stem from a number of factors. Everyone fears failure to some extent and to some extent it is quite normal. Others have an unrealistically high or exaggerated fear of failure. This could be as a result of having been mocked in the past after failing to accomplish something. It could also be as a result of the disappointment one has faced in the past. Some people will give up on their dreams totally after having a major setback or fail at something.

Look, we all fail from time to time. Some failures are bigger than others. Some might have a failed marriage or business partnership that went wrong. Sometimes we fail to meet the expectations of others. The list is endless, but we have to remember that we must move on beyond the failures of the past and try to learn from them.

I had tried to do my own local arts magazine. I used some cartoons that I had created, as well as some humor, and tried to do something like a Mad Magazine meets the arts. The magazine would accept submissions from local writers, artists, photographers and other creative types. It would also cover the local musicians, theater and dance.

Things did not work out as I would have liked and the magazine failed. However, I took all of the content that I created and began to create my websites with the use of that content. A lot of time has passed since then but now I get over 1.5 million page views a year. The magazine only had two printed issues that were only 500 copies each. So, in the end, I reached much more people on the Internet than I had with the magazine. So that was a situation where I had learned from my mistakes and used what I had already put my efforts into.