Art What Does It Mean to You

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30th Dec 2011

Every person should have the ability to freely express themselves. Whether it’s through drawing, dancing, painting, singing, or writing. All of these are varying forms of art solely for the purpose of allowing the artist to freely express themselves without being strongly influenced by outside sources. Once influence is brought in, it no longer becomes a form of art, but a task that must be completed. Passion is ignited by the freedom to freely express oneself.

Without it, the task will seem burdensome and bring much stress to the artist. Allowing the free flow of energy/ thoughts is what makes the task beautiful and worthwhile. Some may argue that if one does something that they love for a living , then it’s not a job but a hobby. One would get paid to do something that they fully enjoy doing. In my opinion, once the pressure gets put on to have something complete by a certain date, the fun gets removed from the task, and it becomes a hassle to complete the task happily.

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Though some may say that this isn’t the case, it eventually does turn to be this way. No matter how much people like to deny the latter proposition, it gives me displeasure to say that such is reality. Art should be ones’ get away from their everyday life routine. It should be the one place where the person feels the happiest to get to. The one task they look forward to completing even when they are facing hardships. No matter what form of artistic expression one takes, the resulting satisfactory feeling is the same. Having accomplished something that is done exclusively for the purpose of satisfying the need to get away from ones’ everyday routine. The idea that doing something just because you love it, seems like an easy task, right?

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No, not right, it takes a lot of time and dedication to perfect the skill. Just because you enjoy it, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be perfect at it. This is the part that convinces people to mix their hobby with their job. By thinking “well if I am going to spend so much time doing something, why not do it for a living?” The answer is simple, once something gets done repeatedly over and over again without ones’ freewill, then it becomes burdensome and no longer a task which was once enjoyable and anxiously anticipated.