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29th Apr 2011

The funniest video I’ve watched in a long time has to be asdfmovie3. While the other ones are too bland for my taste, you may want to watch them for a little bit of back story. They aren’t terribly graphic in nature, with minimal to no swearing. It is in stick-figure cartoon nature, and reminds me strongly of the Lazer Collection. Trust me when I say; that it will at least get you to smile.

The main focus of the asdf series is short 10-15 skits, made for quick bursts of laughter before continuing to the next. The whole movie is completely black and white stick-figures, but the animation is high quality. Although, the first movie in its attempts at humour are extremely poor, and I would almost suggest not watching it. This video is on the verge of being viral, with over a million views. Although, most people you go up to on the street won’t be able to identify it.

Check it out at or watch it here. 

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