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23rd Jan 2012

Well I know I am 22 years old and to some that may seem not old enough to give advice but I’ve bin around a good 22 years and have learned allot, so if you need helpful honest real advice with out judgement then feel free to comment this with you problem and i will respond here. Think of me like dear Abby except I’m not going to judge you just give you a real answer to your problem with out my opinion. If i cant help you i will give info to places that can no issue is to big or to small i will do whatever i can to give you good help full advice, so dont be shy and drop a line.

  • rubysexy

    I love it.

  • Tiki33

    Alright Dear Abby. Thanks for sharing once again.

  • Kaitlynn Forrett

    no problem and thank you all as well =)