Ass Map (The Funniest Picture Ever!!!)

Hello everyone, I have something to tell you about the funny photo above. You know, this is the funniest photo I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I found this photo yesterday (November 12, 2010) when my brother and I had surfed in Google images section to look for beautiful Filipinas on the web. As we’re gathering photos of gorgeous and hot Filipinas for our video slideshows just to entertain Youtube viewers. We never expect to find this very funny picture upon viewing and scrolling the page. Holy shit, it is an ass with a drawn map on it as what we said after we saw that photo. Then all of us were laughing till death and almost lost our breath as we can’t stop from laughing.  Finally we calmed down and I can tell you that, this is the funniest photo I’ve ever seen.

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