Avenging Spider-Man Annual #1 Review

Published by in Humor
25th Mar 2013

Writer Rob Williams and artist Brad Walker’s Avenging Spider-Man Annual #1 is nothing more than just a slightly longer instalment of the main series. The concept behind the story is clever: Two brothers go digging for relics of past superhuman battles in Central Park. The result is a device that makes everyone in Manhattan lose their temper and attack each other.

The tale is simple and generic, and thus, it’s completely dispensable, as it doesn’t serve continuity, nor does it build from or towards any bigger aspects of story or character. Thus, the script is a fun and breezy read that, like the main series, offsets the slowly darkening ton of The Amazing Spider-Man.

While, the story is dense on dialogue and each page offers an opportunity to smirk or outright audibly guffaw, William doesn’t always pace his humour will, with too many jokes and pop culture references flying around. Furthermore, William’s choice of villains leaves something to be desire.

As for the art, Walker’s art offers an appreciable shift from his usual harsh style. The art is incredibly detailed which brings an air of authenticity to this otherwise whimsical tale, with his facial work is more relaxed and expressive. However, it is still highly dynamic and fun to look at.

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Overall, Avenging Spider-Man Annual #1 is a fun, if disposable, tale that sometimes tries too hard to be funny. But if you want a fun tale, it’s still worth your time.