Awards to Good Sleepers

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21st Jan 2012

Many people suffer from sleeping problems — insomnia, inadequate sleeping hours and light sleep for examples. Being a good sleeper sounds extraordinary difficult when life is too busy and troublesome. We keep looking for tips to help us sleep better. Maybe we should spot the good sleepers and give them awards like Golden Globes and Oscars do to all outstanding performances. Eight awards will be given to different categories. All photos come from Google Search. Let’s hope this award announcement will bring us a big smile and a good sleep then.

1. Most enviable

The bed is soft and warm. But the most important point is many men in the world will be jealous for your comfortable sleep. They desperately want to replace you and all failed. The award definitely goes to you.

2. Unbeatable toleration – for stench

Salute to you, sir. Some people can’t stand their own stench and rush to put aside their shoes as far as possible. And yet you bury your whole self in that smelly place and make it a comfortable bed.

3. Most primitive

Many people want a big house, expensive clothing and a tender bed in this material world. Pretty woman, it is a surprise that you can free yourself from all constraints, not even to demand a tree house. A profound sleep in such a simple pose in the wild, you stir many men and they want to have a share now.

4. Most profitable

Many people suffer from boredom at work, especially when there is nothing to do or the tasks are too boring. However, we can’t go to sleep for fear that the boss will notice the company is overstaffed and yell “You’re fired”. With the help of eyelids, you sleep and get paid as well, attaining the highest personal efficiency in the employee world.

5. Unbeatable toleration – for noise

Some people cannot tolerate noise, not even a little bit. They can’t go to sleep or wake up easily. Having such a noisy and naughty neighbor, you still stick to your bed and continue sleeping. Your good temper is crazy enough to win the award.

6. Most disgusting

Toilet is a place that gives people dirty feeling no matter how frequent you do the cleaning. When weariness takes over control, people hold different poses and sleep in this dirty place for a while. Among all candidates, you are the winner for sure. We don’t need to see the face to notice how sound your sleep is.

7. Most difficult

Not a hammock, but just one metal chain, how can you balance your body on it and go to sleep? With cars and passersby around, how can you stand the noise? Feel free to go on sleeping. Trust there are not many people (maybe none) have such amazing abilities to seize your award.

8. Most daring

Your sleep is too daring. People may not notice your existence and get the engine started. Hope there is no imitator because he may fail in having the same luck and is very likely to be dead meat. By the way, have you bought any insurance beforehand?

Despite your love and hate, all the award-winning sleepers are awesome. If you are interested in learning more about these good sleeps, you may talk to the winners in dreams. However, never imitate them. Relax on your comfortable bed, close your eyes and think nothing. Hopefully you will meet some of them tonight. Good night and sweet dream.


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