Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know

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7th Aug 2012

1. Dolphins never really sleep. Why, you ask? Because they have to think in order to breathe. So they sleep with one eye open in order to keep frown drowning. Seriously, how fortunate are we to breathe on auto pilot? That brings me to the next awesome and amazing fact.

2. You know how we always tell people not to hold their breath, waiting for something to happen. Turns out that it’s impossible to commit suicide by holding your breath. Our brain takes over for us. If you’re forcing yourself not to breathe, your body will take over for you. 

3. Just how complicated is the sneezing process really? More complicated than you think. The reason why people say “God bless you,” when you sneeze, is because your heart stops for a millisecond. Scary thought, isn’t it? Now you might not want to sneeze ever again. But wait, there’s more. If you hold a sneeze in, you might burst a blood vessel and die. But it doesn’t end there. If you sneeze too hard, you can also die.

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There you go. Three amazing facts that you may have known before, but it doesn’t stop them from being amazing.