Awesome Prank Phone Calls to Send to Your Friends

Published by in Humor
20th Aug 2012

Prank phone calls are making a modern comeback. Online sites like PrankDial provide services that place prank calls directly from the site by using pre-recorded sound bites. For prankers that want to place the call the old-fashioned way, they can use these sites to find inspiration for their prank call personas and situations. Here are the best prank phone calls along with the person in your life most likely to take the bait.

Pranking the Monkey Wrench

If you have a friend who has become the monkey wrench in someone else’s relationship, this is the perfect call. Place the call yourself, or use a third party to play an angry man, shouting about how your friend has been calling their girlfriend. Let it go on until either your friend admits his wrong or until you feel you got him.

Pranking the Ladies Man

Have a young woman call your friend and, in as nice a voice as possible, relay to him that she’s late. The woman should inform him that they met at a bar and that he’s the only possible father since she hasn’t slept with anyone since. If you a have a friend teetering on the promiscuous side, he’ll fall for this prank call easily.

Pranking the Parent of a Young Child

An accent works best when conducting this prank call. The idea is to convince your friend that you’re their neighbor and that their young son or daughter has gone over to your house and kicked your dog. Inform them that the dog had to be taken to the vet and that now you’re going to call the police. An accent will help disguise your voice, as well as being as vague as possible about which house you live in.

Pranking the Guy in a Relationship

Have a young woman call your friend and tell him that his girlfriend has asked her to have a threesome with them. Make sure the woman acts as if the girlfriend already knows. Make the most convincing story but using personal details so that your friend will actually believe her. Break his heart before ending the call.

Pranking a Homeowner

It’s best to use another person for this prank call, unless you’re good at disguising your voice. Call your homeowner friend pretending to be a neighbor. Accuse them of stealing your paper every day and become more irate and loud as the call progresses. It may make it funnier to tell your friend that the neighbor (you) is going to go to the friend’s house and fight them if you don’t get your paper back.

Pranking the Vain Friend

In as nerdy a voice as you can muster, as a secret admirer. Tell her weird things you like about her like the way her rests on her shoulders and the way her hair smells. Then make one remark about how you don’t like her walk and that she’ll have to work on that. Finally, inform her that you will reveal yourself the next day. The point is to make your friend paranoid before revealing your true identity.

Pranking Just About Anyone

This prank call has to sound as automated as possible, as if you – or whoever you’re using to call – are from their credit card company. Inform your friend that there have been some odd charges such as a $200 hotel charge in Guatemala and then a $130 at a restaurant in Guatemala as well. Make up as much as you can before finally revealing the truth; make them sweat a little.

With top prepaid cell phone features from T-Mobile, making these calls will be easy. Pick a prank, choose a friend, and then listen and laugh.