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Back to The Grindstone

Published by Marla Tolbon in Humor
May 23rd, 2012

Latest wrestling blog after a long break in the action.

                                   “Back to the Grindstone”

Hello all, been away for quite a while trying to get my life in order. Well that shit isn’t working out so I have decided to come back to the one thing that keeps me sort of sane and occupies my mind enough so I don’t dwell on how my life is going right now. 

Brock Lesnar This picture is not copyrighted. I took it with my digital camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brock Lesnar at a SmackDown! taping in Tacoma, WA on February 10, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XIX, Safeco Field Seattle, WA March 302003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Brock Lesnar attempting the Shooting Star Press at WrestleMania XIX. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When last we talked, CM Punk was just embarking on his latest title run. Well he is still going strong despite the fact that they have tried to Muzzle him. I had hoped that this was the start of the WWE working out the whole PG mentality but if it is, its taking a whole lot longer then it should. Punk is the best thing to happen to them in the post attitude era and they still want to push things like Cena and Lesnar.

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